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.....by rob, t'thief.


This page will always stay where it is so that people can check for updates to the RobScript as either I add features or as Zugg upgrades zMUD to a newer version.

The RobScript v.1.1- is only known to support the most recent version of zMUD, v.4.62. Problems have been reported using older versions because of Zugg fidgeting with the way the scripting language works.

Starting with v.1.2, the RobScript only supports v.5.12 and higher of zMUD. I recommend this big version upgrade -- it really does improve zMUD.

Once you download the RobScript, it should open as a self-extracting executable, meaning it will extract itself by itself if you double click on it or run it. The program will ask which directory you want to extract to -- you should select your root zMUD directory. Further instructions on installation are available in the read_rs*.txt file available with the executable.




If you have any corrections or additions, e-mail Rob. If you want specifics, please consult the other pages on site for information.

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