Do you know nothing, you poor illiterate wretch?

How dare you look under the doormat and find the key to the supply of my friendship, and then use it to plunder what you desire! Do you understand how used I feel? It takes some real conniving and ignorant scheming to do what you did. Shoot, I hardly saw it coming, that downpour of deception. One evening while I was absorbed in my own late-night hallucinations brought upon by sleep deprivation, you stalked me, traded a couple mindfucks1 with me, then called me your newest friend. Friends don't do what you did -- they don't disappear into their own polyamory.

"Transparent in critical moments,
You drop me when your hands aren't full.
You call yourself my closest friend
Then you make yourself invisible."

I know what friendship is. "How?" you may ask. Because those who are often left out and used by people like you know the true value of whatever is being restricted from them. Perhaps you've just become a stuffed pig and don't know what life is like without a platter full of your own personal lustings. You deserve no effort or friendship from me after drenching me with your polluted precipitation of treachery. You know nothing yet do not admit it. You claim to avoid the very things you indulge yourself in every chance you get. "I'm not interested in any more cyber-romance!" you eloquently defend. "I can't talk to you -- I'm with the man of my dreams in a chat room!" you say a day later. You don't know what a friend is -- you're just a slave to your own insatiable loins.

Friends are there for each other. Friends talk to each other. Friends, in short, give more than they take. You're like a child at Christmas. You just want, want, want but never give anything.

Maybe you just got what you wanted from me already. You got your little mindfuck and then you left me sitting on the bed of intellectual discussion. That means you're nothing more than a whore, not a friend. And that sounds perfectly appropriate to me.

mindfuck1: Usually a term used to describe a long session of intellectually inspiring debate and discussion. Mental stimulation.


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