when I pull my trigger finger, all you fuckers hit the deck
stop the rave, junior! introducing...VBT Mordekai

You arrive late at night, wired and buzzed for a full night of entertainment, a kaleidoscope of different feelings, colors, beats, people, melodies, emotions, and experiences. You've been psyched all week to be here, to immerse yourself for hours of exploration where you lose all sense of what the outer world is like and become someone else, something else.

You delve into the crowd and are picked up by the lip of a wave of rhythm and like that you are taken out of your former self, only to appear once again seven hours later, exhausted, disoriented, and blissed out.

"Avec une pomme, je
veux étonner Paris."

-Paul Cézanne

Such an experience should not be unlike reading someone's personal web site. benturner.com attempts to create such an intense experience. Few people will show you more about themselves in essays on a personal site than here.

For now, I mean to introduce VBT Mordekai, my newest project, currently in pre-production but already a raging force inside my mind. Mordekai wishes you to have a good time, and to let it all hang out. You live only once, so you might as well fucking enjoy it.

Oh, and one more thing: Mordekai is pro-Napster. Virtually denying that music is infectious and that software is the prime medium for unlimited viral transmission of such communicable phatness is your farewell ticket out of the music industry of the future. So you want to declare ownership of your "art". Big deal, this is a personal web site, it's "art", and you can share anything you want from it as long as you acknowledge it's mine. For free. Forever.

[you need to enter and ecstasize, bitch]

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and don't forget, people:  according to what one of the elders said,
taking an enemy on the battlefield is like a hawk taking a bird.  even
though it enters into the midst of a thousand of them, it gives no
attention to any bird other than the one that it has first marked.