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NOTE: This web site is no longer updated. Frederick Turner now has a blog along with other content, at http://frederickturnerpoet.com/. Please change your bookmarks.

Greetings. It all starts here in the menu. Whether it's fate, a religious belief, or mere curiosity that brings you here, one constant remains: you have ended your current travels at Fred Turner's site.

Most of the content will be of course written by Fred, but as his contracted site designer and his son, I am obligated to insert my own commentary to add a bit of poetic license and "Webese". The end result of all this is that you will see an interesting and unique collaboration of our ideas and thoughts in one place. Author and designer, father and son.

It is predicted that most people visiting this site will be friends of his and will know a bit about what he does already. These people will find this site most useful.

Fred wants his site to be a source of information that's always available, where you can find past, present, and future projects he's worked on. For a little more description on what Fred expects to accomplish with this site, read the about page, which includes both explanations by Fred and me, his son. Curious as to who Fred Turner is? His biography is a rather concise description of what he's accomplished. (...although in mine, his son's, opinion, it doesn't describe what he's like out of a scholarly environment. I may have to add my own comments to complement his.) Are you interested in what Fred's published? Read the list of works he's completed. And finally, just about everything else fits nicely like the proverbial hand into the glove of the archives.

...FT End.



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