t r a c k i n g   b e n   d o w n


...find yourself before you find me...

When it comes to tracking me, Ben Turner, down, one must be persistent and patient. If you know exactly where to look and you know what my main interests are at that point in time, it will be easy to find me. But if you didn't do your research and you try to hunt me down on improvisation, your results will be disappointing.

This is because I frequent a lot of places on the Internet, usually at once. This document will explain some specifics about those places and also suggest backup plans should I suddenly be unreachable.

Keep in mind that I don't really care to be bothered by most people, but if you genuinely have something interesting or provocative to say to me, feel free to contact me. ;)



I use PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) for important e-mails and for all my Usenet posts. If you want to verify that I sent something, please check my signature against my public key, which you can get here:



I'm currently maintaining my own domain name through a virtual server hosted at Digiweb. It's rather cheap and it lets me have basically anything I want for my site. Its connection to the Internet can be slow sometimes, but the company is prompt and professional.

I love my site. Absolutely everything about it. But you probably hate it, or at least despise me. Feel free to tell me so via e-mail. Sorry, no guestbook. Let your feelings be known.

http://www.benturner.com/, http://benturner.com/, or


Sometimes the alias for my domain name doesn't work and my name won't connect. In that case, try the root address.



And in case I have no contact for a long period of time with my server at Digiweb, I will post a notice at my UT site, which I only keep around to forward visitors (damn slow search engines) to the other site.



With my virtual server, Digiweb, I get some neat perks, especially with the e-mail address. Anything sent to benturner.com arrives in my mailbox. That's right. viscous@benturner.com, stooky@benturner.com, b@benturner.com, and oh_piss_off_already@benturner.com all end up going to me.

So if you see me use different e-mail addresses, don't freak out. They're basically all the same. Also, be creative if you like -- I'll pay attention to those who mix up the address they use for me.



Like the site, sometimes the benturner.com alias dies for awhile. If that happens, use the root address.



And there's always my University of Texas at Austin e-mail address.



Yes, I'm on ICQ. You know, I'd been looking for exactly this program for a long time! If I knew how to program, I'd be rich right now. ;) I knew the demand was there. Anyway, ICQ has really taken off and it seems like it's a necessity for everyone now (I KNEW it would be, dammit!). ICQ lets you add your friends to your contact list so you can send them messages, chat requests, file transfers, WWW shortcuts, or whatever. You can also see when they're online or not. However, I will not put my ICQ number out on the Web, mainly because I don't really care for strangers to always know my IP address, so they can hack me and ICMP flood me. Hey, it happens. Especially when you pick up the wrong enemies.


I have private FTP and HTTP servers for when I let people download files off my computer or preview stuff I'm working on for their site or whatever. Of course, since I have a dynamic IP, I can't post that address, since it changes and I don't want people sniffing the ports on my computer. If you need something from me, though, e-mail me and we'll set something up.


I also do a lot of online chat. You might find me on IRC, on any of the various networks, as Xeus. I can be found at MUDs like Stick in the Mud as Rob or at The Foundation as a character I don't want to reveal.


. . . f i n i t .


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