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"So, Ben, what have you added to the Internet, besides that trash you call writing?" I do not hold it above my readers to send me an e-mail saying exactly that, making it clearly obvious that they feel comfortable destructively criticizing behind a keyboard. Here's what I've added to the 'Net, as far as serious, straight-forward content goes. My duty as a loyal citizen is partially fulfilled right on these pages.


robin hood

This has been far and away the most popular collection of pages on my site. For some reason, no one's dared to write a biography of Robin Hood for the Web except for me, so I'm the person people come to for Robin Hood information. These people include high school students, college students, actors, and even the Discovery Channel. The Robin Hood pages contain clear and concise information on every aspect of the Robin Hood legend. Contribute if something's missing.


'net interaction

Okay, so the name of the directory does not exactly fit the page name. That's because the 'Net's grown so exponentially over the past two years that games and online chatting have developed at phenomenal rates. On the MUD page, I tell you about the things I've tried and what I think of them. Oh yeah, and there's plain information and references, too.


the RobScript

I've been working on a script for mudding which uses the MUD client zMUD. It automates plenty of mudding hindrances. I recommend getting them to learn MUD scripting.


ben's software app picks

I keep referring people to certain programs. And they are impressed with the recommended items. So I figured I'd just expand a bit and share with you what I've found to be the best software apps available, mainly for Windows95 platforms.


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