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I love getting feedback on what I've done on my site. It just makes my day when I filter out the unsolicited e-mail advertisements, the mailing list results, and various hello notes, and just read the letters which either bash the site or praise the site in an intelligent manner. Here, I encourage you to contact me -- here are my addresses.



Just write me what feelings you got from reading things on my site. Go into depth about what you feel. Simple whines or praises don't faze me anymore -- I want commentary to justify those opinions.


find me online

I do everything on the 'Net. So chances are, if you're ambitious enough, you can find me in my various hideouts on the 'Net. Here's a little contact sheet to help you in your endeavors.


my pgp public key

There are some sick bastards out there who like to forge peoples' e-mails and Usenet posts. Well, if I've signed whatever I've sent out, you can use this and verify that I sent the message that was supposedly sent by me.


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