The Snake, the small Dragon, is born under the sign of wisdom.  He does not like to ask for advice and does not like to take it.  He derives much pride and pleasure from the thought that he relies on his own judgment.  The Snake can at times appear to be a loner.  He is quiet and reserved, and communicating with others is not his best skill.  He does, however, have a good sense of humor and can be calm in a crisis situation.

The Snake is a deep-thinker and highly intelligent.  He has considerable skills and is always looking for an opportunity to showcase these talents.  He likes to meditate and reflect.  Because of these traits he is a good organizer and planner.  He enjoys a challenge because it will give him an opportunity to ponder and produce a solution.  These introverted thought processes make the Snake seem evasive.  That's because he is.  The Snake harbors a basic sense of distrust for others and becomes secretive because of this trait.  He is not gullible and almost never gets "taken" by con men.

The Snake is a hard worker and is thorough in all his endeavors.  He is determined and can become quite ruthless in his pursuit of a goal.  He has confidence in himself that he can achieve goals and has the will-power needed to work himself hard.  But when the Snake fails, he looks at this as an unfair event and is crushed by it.  He cannot bear failure and is a very bad loser.  In turn, if he thinks his trust has been abused, he can be very hurt.

The Snake chooses his friends very carefully.  He can be generous to friends with his time and his money, but he demands loyalty from a friend and a reciprocated friendship.  The Snake is very possessive and can be very jealous of both friends and lovers.

The Snake is a late starter in life and during his life, he will shed one of his famous Snake skins and take up new interest or start a whole new and different career.  It simply takes him awhile to find happiness with the right job or spouse.  The Snake is well suited to jobs which involved research and writing, where he is given freedom to pursue his own ideas.

Although not the most energetic member of the Chinese zodiac, the Snake has an inquiring mind and many Snakes are great thinkers.  He prefers to proceed at his own pace and is very much the master of his own life.  Remember, the Snake will not ask for help.

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